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Handmade experience studio Yuntaku|Information

Handmade chili oil experience

You can experience making chili oil sauce. Choose your favorite ingredients from 30 different kinds. You can make two chili oil sauce and give one as a souvenir to your loved one. If you wish to order chili oil from us in future, please register for free to “my receipt.

Experience making glass photo frame

You can decorate your glass photo frame with seashells and coral pickup from Yaeyama sea. You can use your handmade photo frame together with a photo taken on the spot. Don’t you want to keep a memorial picture from your trip inside the frame you made?

Experience making Ishigaki’s gel candle

To make Ishigaki’s gel candle, you can use Ishigaki’s star-shaped sand, seashells, and artificial glassfish for the decoration. After the decorations, we can go on and pour the gel into the glass.
Let’s enjoy making Ishigaki Island’s gel candle!

Experience painting unglazed Shisa sculpture.

Experience painting Shisa doll. You can paint it as traditional Shisa or in any color you like.